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Roll Up Doors Direct - Model 3652

This 14 x 12 Model 3652 is our certified wind load rated nylon rolling sheet door that meets specified wind loads requirements of the International Building Code and the Florida Building Code.

Should I use my rough opening or finished opening when I measure? Measure your rough opening, the door will be custom made bigger to overlap your frame and your guiderails will mount on the face of your frame. That is why your need the headroom and sideroom requirements. The Model 3652 at the selected height will require 21 1/2 inches of headroom above the opening and 6 3/4 inches of sideroom to either side for installation.

Door Size: 14'-00 wide X 12'-00 high

*Sale Price: $2,317.00

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Glossy White Satin White silhouette bronze color fern green evergreen forest green dark teal teal polar blue royal blue cont brown maroon cedar red sunset orange desert tan sandstone safety yellow patriot red galvalume LS yellow lt stone lt stone

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Lock Latch Position:

Electric Operator (Commercial Use Only):

*If a motor is selected no lock or latch will be included with the door. Motor side is from the inside looking out.



*Insulation requires 2" more headroom for installation and includes vinyl top and side draft stops.


Header Seal:

Side Brush Seal:

Reverse Curtain:

Select this option if the drum is to be mounted outside of the building and the door color needs to be on the same side as the drum. This option is only available with slide bolt latches on the drum side, at the bottom of the door. Reverse curtain doors cannot be insulated.


Hoods require an additional 2" of headroom and 5 1/4" of sideroom

Common Questions and Answers

Do your doors sit inside the jamb opening? No, Our doors are custom made and overlap your opening.

What is the lead time? Depends on location we are shipping from, lead time is approximately 3 to 5 weeks.

Where are you located? Shipping and Pickup locations are: Temple, GA, Orlando, FL, Houston, TX, Butler, IN, Surprise, AZ, Anaheim, CA (pickup location only)

What is your warranty? One year


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Model: 3652

Size: 14 0" wide X 12 0" high






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Reverse Curtain:


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